Akim (Chen Chin) Howey

Akim was born in Taiwan, educated in Taipei and later graduated from the prestigious Tokyo Mode Gakuen Fashion and Design College in Japan. Initially a fashion designer Akim then turned her creative passion to bespoke Jewellery when she arrived in London in 2008. Akim specialises in stones and likes to experiment with the five elements of gold, wood, water fire and soil to blend a fusion of natural colours and energy. Akim is a believer that the jewellery will bring self-belief, healing and internal energy.

Akim is an up and coming designer who is willing to produce bespoke pieces to reflect one’s choice of colour and harmony.

Design Philosophy

Creative Design
The main vision of my design is to harness positive energy and radiate a sense of wellbeing for anyone who wears the Jewellery. The stones are to reflect a connection to mother nature and develop contentment which combined with the positivism will generate a beautiful feeling and experience.

Design Style
For Pendants - I am always looking add the 5 elements into the design or bringing out the simplicity of the stone to generate positive energy, and for the ear-rings engineering a carefully balanced movement supported by round and squared diamonds to give harmony- but with the unique but pragmatic ability to interchange -while for rings detailed shaped cushions to bring out the stones beauty and balance within the setting.